Arlon Music
Arlon is a home for performing artists, songwriters and songs, offering both personal management and a creatively driven independent music publishing company.

Music Publishing
Arlon Songs Ltd. is an independent music publishing company offering full worldwide administration and a creative service that encourages writers to develop their talent. The writers are promoted to build their careers and their songs are aggressively exploited.

Personal Management
D&J Arlon provides a full personal management service to artists. Long term career management with full business services. We have a history of representing some of the most successful singers, songwriters, actors, record producers, composers, theatre directors, play-writes, journalists and writers in the world.

Creative Services
Arlon Music provides a full creative and business service for independent record releases, production companies, songwriters and music catalogues. We have specialised in providing creative services for independent publishing companies or individual writers, with a particular focus on promoting their catalogues for syncs and other licensing opportunities.

Tall Tale Records
Tall Tale Records is an independent record label distributed and marketed by Absolute through Universal Music. Working with the UK’s best independent promoters, Tall Tale believes in finding and exploiting the best opportunities for that artist to reach their audience and to build on that success for a long-term career.
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